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When most people think of a home refinance, they think "lowering my rate and payment." Although that is one of the reasons, there are many more. Check out the multiple options for refinancing!


Have lingering credit cards or student loans? Maybe you'd like to upgrade your kitchen our landscape that back-yard. Consider paying off that debt or financing that remodel with a Cash-Out Refinance. Every $10,000 of debt in a 30 year mortgage is around $50/mo.


Are you still paying that high rate for your mortgage? Consider a Rate/Term Refinance. Believe it or not, a simple lowering of your rate - even by just a bit - could mean thousands in savings. Already knocked out some years of your mortgage? No problem! I can lower your term to expedite your mortgage payoff, or customize your loan to any amount of years! Not to mention - you skip minimum 1 payment, sometimes 2 when you refinance! 


Saddle up for this one! Lower your rate, possibly your monthly mortgage insurance, skip a payment or two PLUS No Appraisal?? Yes, yes, and YES! It really is as good as it sounds! I even have lenders who don't care if you foreclosed on a home yesterday and if your FICO score is 300! 


A.K.A. VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, or the "tongue-twister." Of course as a Veteran, you know the VA makes everything complicated. But, this is one loan that is so NOT complicated! Similar to the FHA Streamline, you can take advantage of low market rates with NO Appraisal, no credit qualifications, and still skip a payment or two! 


Think you need 20% down and pristine credit? Think again! Although the more you have to put down and the better your credit score is helps, you don't have to be a millionaire to purchase a home! Check it out!

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