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The Truth About Our Economy & How it Affects You

Are we in a recession? What's happening to home values? Where are interest rates? It is impossible to buy?

After multiple conversations with clients and business partners, I realized there is a lot of misinformation out there. So, as your mortgage expert, is is my job to know what is going on in our economy, and how it affects the housing market and the mortgage industry.

I recorded a Facebook Live Video covering this just last week. Feel free to click the button below to watch it.


Let's start from the top:


Well, 46-76% of our nation believes we are already in one. That's an average of 61% of our nation.


We all know that we currently have a weak economy. You may have heard about the recent layoffs at Google and Amazon. Did you hear about Microsoft & Meta, Spotify & Alphabet? These are major tech companies who have laid off thousands. Why does this matter? Well, with our national unemployment rate at 3.5%, and some of these companies laying off 4-6% of their workforce, these are very large numbers comparatively!


History proves that a recession doesn't necessarily negatively affect housing values.

In fact, Corelogic, a Fortune 1000 company that has been providing financial, property, and consumer information and analytics since 1991, has stated that our home values will increase by 4% Oct '22 to Oct '23!!

Another thing history past has proven is that rates tend to go down in an economic recession. And, every economic factor and economist that I follow in my business points to this fact.


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When values are expected to go up and rates are expected to go down, it's an amazing time to buy because it will cost more as values/home prices increase! Once the values start to increase, it will quickly turn to a seller's market, only increasing those sales prices even more!

There are multiple low down payment purchase programs. You simply do not need 20% down to buy a house. Plus, have you heard about this amazing 2-1 Buydown program? Check out it!

In a nutshell, the 2-1 Buydown Program allows a homebuyer to temporarily lower the interest in the early years of their loan, which decreases their monthly payments during the buydown period -the first 2 years of homeownership.

Want more info? I'd be happy to discuss!! 623-340-8344.

This brings me to my last point...


I am having a BUY NOW GET ONE FREE promotion!!

This is where you buy or refinance now (within the first 3 months of 2023), and I'll pay for your appraisal if you refinance before the end of 2023!!

The reason I'm doing this is because of everything mentioned above. I want you to take full advantage of buying or cashing out now AND take full advantage of the lower rates when they come - and yes, I'm THAT confident rates will drop!

I know you'll reach out if you have any mortgage needs!

Looking forward to hearing from you and a prosperous 2023!

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