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Meet Sean Price.

Sean is a family man who understands the importance of putting his clients first. His journey in the finance industry has enabled him to originate loans for multiple banks, assisting hundreds of clients and managing and financing multi-millions of dollars.


As a fellow business owner, Sean understand the importance of navigating underwriting with precision. His experience equips him to handle underwriting evaluations for business owners effectively. You can trust Sean to provide you with white-glove service, knowing firsthand the dedication and hard work you invest in your business and finances.

Sean's commitment to personalized service, extensive financial expertise, and shared understanding of the challenges you face in both business and finance make him the ideal partner to guide you towards your financial goals. Join him on your journey towards financial success today.

About Edge
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Deep Dive Into AZ's Trusted Mortgage Brokerage

Welcome to Edge Home Finance, your trusted Mortgage Broker in Arizona. We're here to simplify your mortgage journey with expertise and personalized service.

Why choose a Mortgage Broker?

  • Independent Representation: We work for you, not the lenders, ensuring you get the best-suited mortgage options.

  • Access to Variety: From banks to private funds, we have access to a wide range of lenders, providing you with diverse options.

  • Expert Guidance: Our professionals are well-versed in current market trends and products, ensuring you make informed decisions.

  • Time and Cost Savings: We streamline the process, offering fast approvals with no upfront costs, saving you time and money.

  • Tailored Solutions: We match you with the most favorable rates and terms, customized to your unique needs.

How do we secure superior rates?

  • Daily Market Insight: Through daily interactions with lenders, we identify the most competitive rates available.

  • Strategic Presentations: Our expertise in presenting proposals ensures the best response from lenders, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Exclusive Relationships: We cultivate professional relationships with a variety of lenders, including private sources, unlocking exclusive mortgage products.

Why choose us first?

  • Immediate Results: Our first-rate presentation to lenders ensures swift and positive responses, avoiding unnecessary delays.

  • Cost-Efficient: Initial applications yield better outcomes, preventing costly secondary inquiries.

  • Expertise Matters: Just as you rely on insurance brokers for their expertise, trust our mortgage professionals for the best rates and products.

Join us at Edge Home Finance, where expertise meets personalized service for your mortgage needs. Let's embark on your home ownership journey together!

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