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It's amazing how much discussion will happen in a household weighing all the pros and cons of the current home versus the needs and desires of a new home.  Yet, there's usually very little discussion around "how much can we qualify for?" 

Great credit, income, & money in the bank does not mean that seller will take your word for it when you're walking through the home of your dreams.  Also, the standard 30 year conventional loan with 20% down may not be the best option for you.

Lastly, most experienced agents will not even take you to go see a home unless they've received a pre-qualification from you.

Choose below to either get a quick quote or complete a pre-qualification form.  I promise to find the best loan that is tailored to your financial needs!  Additionally, I go a step further by getting a Desktop Underwriter's approval so that we know exactly what to expect once you go under contract!


The basic minimum info to get credit pulled, income and DTI calculated, and provide a projected estimated of what you could potentially purchase. Shouldn't take any longer than just a few minutes.


Truly just a few, short questions allowing you to zero in on exactly what kind of quote you're looking for. Although this certainly won't provide as accurate details as a pre-qualification, it will be a good ballpark. 

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